What does doubleblind privacy® mean for you?


You have a valuable asset – your data can bring accurate and reliable zip+4 targeting online. Learn how we can help you add value to advertisers without compromising consumer privacy.

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Speak the language you’ve always used – use your offline marketing models online. Learn how we let you define your own audiences and bring you the experience of direct mail advertising online.

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We’re consumers too – that’s why we believe privacy should always be the default. Learn how our technology brings you geographically relevant advertising without disclosing your location.

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Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada
“Bering Media set out to develop an innovative technology to allow ISPs that have made the decision to partner with an ad server to provide IP geolocation services, but to do so with zero disclosure of potentially personally-identifiable information about subscribers − a positive-sum, not zero-sum, approach in which privacy co-exists alongside functionality” – Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.