Who We Are

We believe that privacy and functionality should exist in lockstep. One should never trump the other.

Our values come from the fact that we’re consumers too. We love having access to all that the Internet has to offer – streaming HD video, social media, real-time gaming – but we also appreciate that it’s the Internet Service Providers and their networks that make our online experiences a reality.

We want our ISPs to evolve their business model so they can continually reinvest in their networks and give us access to the best possible experience online – just not at the expense of our privacy as consumers.

Positive-sum, not zero-sum: A Privacy By Design approach.

At Bering Media, we feel that ISPs are in a unique position to embed privacy into their networks and preserve the anonymity of the Internet. We believe that our technology achieves both goals – privacy and functionality – and helps to create a more relevant online experience for consumers, a sustainable future for ISPs, and a simpler landscape for advertisers.