Data should be simple. The direct mail experience online.

You already have your offline marketing models – why not use them online? As an advertiser, the real world makes sense – zip codes, neighborhoods, the postal system – it’s the language you’ve always used. We bring you the familiarity of the offline world to the digital world. We like to think of it as bringing the experience of direct mail advertising online.

You know where your customers live.

As a brand, you already have the market research on where your customers live. The real world always let you define your own audiences – with a fine tip marker or the broad strokes of a paintbrush. Maybe it’s around the corner or it’s a collection of zip+4s that make up your target demographic – it’s how you’ve always planned your media campaigns.

Accurate and reliable data matters.

Internet Service Providers know the real world location of every IP address on their network – there’s no need for guesswork. Our privacy technology brings the reliability of this data to you without the need to disclose a users location. This way you take comfort that the ISPs bring you the scale and coverage of the postal system – online – without sacrificing consumer privacy.

Simplify your online media planning.

Get back to your offline data and simplify your online media planning. Coordinate your online media planning with your traditional media plan, customize your message to the right demographic, localize your creative – learn how the Bering Media doubleblind privacy architecture lets you speak the same language online as you already do offline.