Privacy Policy


Bering Media collaborates with Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”) and online ad networks in order to deliver geographically relevant advertisements to Internet users.

We offer a sophisticated technology platform, our doubleblind privacy™ architecture (“Privacy Technology”), to protect the privacy of Internet users and to ensure that no personally identifiable information is being disclosed between the ISPs, Bering Media and the online ad networks.

We also offer a technology ad platform (“Ad Platform”) for the management and delivery of local online ad campaigns by a third party local ad sales force.

Privacy Policy

Bering Media takes protecting the privacy of Internet users very seriously. This privacy policy (“Policy”) is intended to inform you about the collection, use and disclosure of information in connection with Bering Media’s products and services.

All of our ISP partners have their own Privacy Policies that are provided for the benefit of Internet users. Please review the Privacy Policy of your ISP for information about Internet advertising.

Overview of Bering Media’s Privacy Technology

As network operators, ISPs are in the unique position of already having knowledge of the geographic location (“geo-location”) of the IP addresses on their network. ISPs use this information, along with our Privacy Technology, to match an advertisers geo-targeting requirements (“Match Data”) and to ensure it’s geo-location data is not disclosed to any third parties.

We use this aggregate Match Data to provide our service to the online ad networks. Bering Media does not have access to the ISPs geo-location data or any personally identifiable information of Internet users.

Overview of Bering Media’s Ad Platform

The Ad Platform is designed to acquire ad inventory and deliver based on aggregate geographical Match Data, across major ad inventory suppliers. We then analyze and report aggregate campaign results to our customers.

Data Collection and Use

Bering Media does not use cookies or web beacons.

Bering Media does not collect, track or use any data for behavioral advertising purposes.

We do not collect or use any personally identifiable information. We do not collect your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, Social Security Number, credit card information, or anything else that can personally identify you.

As part of our Ad Platform we do collect anonymous, non-personally identifiable information for delivery and reporting purposes. The non-personally identifiable information includes delivery information such as ads delivered, whether they the ad was clicked, the IP address the ad request came from, etc.

Data Retention and Storage

Bering Media does not retain or store any aggregate Match Data. Only current aggregate Match Data is used.

Bering Media retains web log data for ninety days and then aggregate reports for up to three years.


You may opt-out of the Bering Media service through your participating ISP. Bering Media provides each of our ISP partners a robust opt-out infrastructure that does not rely on cookies.

Information Sharing

As described above, Bering Media’s Privacy Technology ensures that no personally identifiable is being disclosed between the ISPs, Bering Media and the online ad networks.

We disclose aggregate Match Data and aggregate reporting information to our customers in the ordinary course of our business. Our customers may use the aggregate Match Data to display advertisements and other content to Internet users. We do not authorize our customers to resell or sublicense Match Data to third parties.

We may disclose information to third parties when we reasonably believe we are obligated to do so by law. In the event another company acquires all or most of our assets, all data compiled or owned by us may be among the items transferred in that transaction. In such event, all the data will continue to be governed by this Policy.

Information Security

Bering Media takes information protection and security very important and we have created a set of policies and procedures designed to protect all of our data and computer systems.

Data Collection for Our Corporate Site

Our web site ( is intended primarily to offer information about Bering Media, and our products and services. Bering Media uses information from our web site log files to understand how visitors use our site and to recommend future site improvements. If you choose to submit personal information, we may use that information for general marketing purposes and to notify you regarding updates to our products and services. We do not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose the personal information you submitted on to third parties. Once collected, we will store your information for a reasonable time for record keeping purposes.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may revise this Policy at any time. We encourage you to visit this page periodically to review any changes. All updates to our Policy are posted on this portion of our web site.

Contacting Us

Should you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us:


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Last updated: July 2013