Internet Service Providers

Monetizing your data doesn’t mean disclosing your data.

As an ISP, you have a valuable asset – you already know the physical location of every IP address on your network. We help you become an integral part of the online advertising framework without compromising subscriber privacy.

Advertisers speak the language of the physical world.

It’s what the advertiser understands – the radius around a store, zip codes, zip+4 demographics, census data, offline market research. It’s simple, easy and has worked for marketers since the dawn of the letter carrier. You’re in a position to bring the ease and familiarity of the postal system online, for the first time.

Bring accurate and reliable geo-targeting online.

You’re the only true data source, there’s no need for guesswork. Advertisers are craving accurate and reliable data online to plan their media campaigns. We can help you capitalize on your existing asset – all while improving subscriber privacy.

Increase revenue but not at the expense of your subscribers.

Increase your revenue without collecting, tracking or disclosing any subscriber information. Learn how the Bering Media doubleblind privacy architecture brings you a new source of revenue with a zero disclosure policy.